look at God.

this morning I finally decided to face the reality and I went to
university, met all my professors and asked about my midterms in

i met everybody and at last I had a conversation with my Sociology of Multiculturalism professor.

as i was crossing through the door, he looked at me and asked “it this your web portfolio?!”.

i replied yes and how did he know that I have one.

he said that he was searching for some information about African migration
and some photos of African lifestyle to show some stuff to students and
my name was the third on Google.

and I was like “ah, ok” *shocked*.

we talked of a bit of everything and he proposed for me to do an
African photography project for my graduate thesis (the next year).

i started explaining all my different passions, photography, social
media, traveling, Africa and how I don’t really know how to create
something from it. or just handle all this stuff.

he stopped me and told me “you probably don’t see what I do. take your time, breathe and do one thing at time.” 

he gave me some African bibliography about migration, about self-motivation and some tips for my future.

when we finished, I just smiled.

yesterday I was like “i can’t handle this life no more” period (i’m a Capricorn gyal = Drama Queen since day one) and today a “stranger” gave me the motivation to not give up. 

literally, look at God.


J’ai pensé à quoi écrire pendant un moment . Et surtout si c’était le cas d’écrire. On trouve tellement de blogueuses, influencers, experts dans ça où ça qu’il me paraît inutile d’ajouter une nouvelle voix dans le chaos général de nos jours.

 Mais sûre. Chacun a son histoire à raconter et ceci, n’est jamais banal. 

 Ce ne sera pas un vrai blog, mes passions restent la photographie, le design et la composition. 

 Je laissarai juste, de temps en temps courir mes pensées, partager mes expériences, mes rêves et mes peurs. 

 Ma vie. 

 J’ai toujours aimé écrire, j’y me retrouve. Je me sens bien, ça me liber. 


I thought about what to write for a while. And especially if it was the case of writing. We find so many bloggers, influencers, experts in that where it seems useless to add a new voice in the general chaos of our days. 

But sure. Everyone has their story to tell and this, is never commonplace. 

It will not be a real blog, my passions remain photography, design and composition.

I will just let my thoughts run from time to time, share my experiences, my dreams and my fears. 

My life. 

I have always loved to write, I find myself there. I feel good, it frees me.

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